Turnbull Green - The Wolf In You LP
1. Hives, Bumps & Rollercoasters
2. The Wolf In You
3. Girl Material
4. Leap Frog Jump Gun
5. C-Section Entry
6. Neuro-Transmit Your Face
7. Caterpillar Run ft. Broccoli Rob
8. Wee Lil' Dragon
9. Numbnose Badbrains
10. Snakes ft. David Cassolino & Benn Grim
11. And So On ft. Anthony Morales
12. The Untitled Track Of Joy Sundance ft. Thimali Kodikara
Behind the fuzz and distortion you'll discover a very clear, incisive message: Your freedom isn't a gift, it's a necessity. Follow your own path and the destination will find you. For Turnbull Green that definitive path began somewhere deep in the woods of Connecticut. It meandered its way along the rocky Long Island Shore coastline, before looping, lapping, & backtracking throughout the idyllic days of late 90's NYC. It eventually resurfaced from the Bay Area fog before a Hawaiian exile preceded a return to Brooklyn which led to his current Los Angeles encampment. The archived experiences & influences gathered along the way were later subconsciously curated into the album you hear today. The result is a distinct sound that defies the pigeonholed limitations of conventional gentrification. Throbbing baselines and deliberately degraded synths blend seamlessly with melodic hymns and frenzied outbursts. Filled with equal parts bliss to despair, peace to paranoia, it's as mechanical as it is organic and its a headfirst dive into the cavernous mind of Turnbull Green. With an approach all his own, this one-man-band has created an album that knows no rules yet bears no ego as a result. It's as if that recluse in the woods you wish would surface more often finally reemerged and had been hard at work all the while. The album was mixed by Ryan Moutinho and mastered by Capsule Labs. Artwork by Michael Mckeon.